SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette

The Smoke Stik electronic cigarette is quickly gaining ground as the most popular product all over the world. This has been attributed to the wide level of acceptance that it has with several celebrities. However, there is more to this electronic cigarette than just being the preferred choice of superstars. It has a lot of features that make it stand out easily among other products.

This product provides a very satisfying smoking experience. It is manufactured with great attention to detail. As the smoker inhales, the atomizer is activated by a little sensor to produce propylene glycol and flavored liquid vapor. There is a red LED at the end of the stick that simulates the burning of a traditional cigarette.

SmokeStik comes in cartridges with different strengths and flavors of tobacco, which gives a lot of flexibility to smokers. Individuals are can choose light, medium, full strength nicotine or menthol flavors. The complete SmokeStik starter kit comes with a set of ten cartridges. Each of the two high-power Lithium-Ion batteries will last approximately 4-6 hours depending on how much you “vap”. Smokers of these products refer to “smoking” as “vaping” since there is no 2nd hand smoke produced.

This electronic cigarette also has a beautiful and stylish design. The units are available in black, white or stainless steel. The stainless steel version is a classy choice that has become quite popular with several people. Apart from good looks, the cartomizers are also very efficient in producing a highly satisfying amount of vapor.

The company spent a lot of research and development creating this high level of product performance. The internal flow sensor is perfectly tuned to respond to the pressure that is applied by the smoker. It is not affected by sound or accidental bumps. It has a perfect response to the smoker’s inhalation.

SmokeStik also stands out clearly in customer support. The company has a group of well-trained customer personnel. They are friendly and are always willing to help customers to resolve their problems. This service is available to both existing and potential customers. This is one of the factors that have helped the company to build a sizable number of loyal customers.

Apart from these great features, Smoke Stik is also affordable. One would have expected a higher price tag for such good quality. A starter kit can be bought for just a little less than a hundred dollars. The product has a lifetime warranty and there is also a thirty-day money back guarantee for people who may not be satisfied with its performance.