510 Electronic Cigarette – The Best Ecig Mod Battery

Why The 510 Electronic Cigarette Is The Best Ecig Mod Battery

The 510 rose to prominence in the electronic cigarette world by being one of the first mini models with a manual switch. That switch, coupled with a powerful atomizer and easy to refill cartridges have been instrumental in making the 510 a popular choice for many new users, with thanks to the it’s Ecig Mod Battery. Price is also an important factor and the 510 has long been one of the least expensive electronic cigarette kits available.

Options and customization have also factored into the success of the 510. The model is now available with mega batteries and mega atomizers as well as a wide variety of atomizers, tanks, and cartomizers. The popularity of the 510 atomizers has also led to it being the fitting most often used in larger battery advanced personal vaporizers as well as the eGo and Riva models. In that case, the number 510 refers to the type of battery connection, not the model.

Because the 510 has become so ubiquitous, price shopping is perhaps the best way to approach buying it. There are a number of more expensive, often privately branded versions, as well as some extremely cheap poor quality ones. In general, most 510s are the same, though.

One of the best values in electronic cigarette kits available is the Joye 510 Starter Kit from Litecig USA, starting at only $34.95. The kit includes two batteries, two atomizers, five empty cartridges and a charger, so you only need to add e-liquid to get started. Litecig USA also carries a nice variety of e-liquid to get you started. Joye has long been known for quality, so this 510 is a great value.

Even cheaper is the 510 Manual Kit from Madvapes, although this kit is not a Joye product.

The Volcano kit from Volcano Fine Electronic cigarettes is an example of a privately branded model. It’s on the high side of the price range, but has an impressive quality reputation and comes with pre-filled cartomizers of your choice. No matter what 510 kits you choose, you can rest assured that new parts and accessories will be available for years to come. And if you do decide to move up to a more elaborate advanced personal vaporizer or mod, the chances are it will have a 510 fitting, so atomizers and cartomizers bought for the 510 will still work.